Labor Lawyer, reasons why you may need it

For most Spanish or foreign workers who have an employment relationship, they may need the services of a labor lawyer , to a greater or lesser extent. Now, how can an expert lawyer in labor law serve you?

First, we firmly believe that both companies and workers must know their rights to enforce them. It should be remembered that a great majority of the rights of all workers are included in the Workers’ Statute and in the collective agreement where the company must obligatorily apply.

Is my company foreign but I work in Spain? According to this and this article any worker who resides in Spain and is in the Spanish state employed for a foreign company will be covered by the labor law of Spain. Therefore, it would also be good if you had good advice.


Some reasons why you may need a labor lawyer :

  • Dismissal
    The main reason why it is important to be well advised is in case of dismissal.
    If you are fired, you will have to pay the compensation and the settlement, however if you leave voluntarily from the company, you will only have to pay the settlement.
    The difference in amounts and negotiation possibilities is very high between being well represented or not.
    In this video of Fontelles Advocats we explain when the settlement has to be paid:
    Wrong wage category
    If you think that your salary category is not correct, a solution would be to look at reaching a consensus with the company. Many times employers take advantage and do not pay according to your salary category. If you saw that this is your case, you could sue the company. It is usually the last resort and you should always look for a consensus to reach a mid-point, but you should always fight for what is of one objectively and bilaterally with the company.
    Workplace harassment or mobbing
    Undoubtedly, this is a very recurrent theme in the work environment but very few workers are aware of the seriousness of the matter. If you see that you are suffering from bullying or mobbing, do not hesitate to put yourself in the hands of professionals. From Fontelles Advocats we have carried numerous success stories in mobbing.
    Know the symptoms of workplace harassment in a worker in this video:

I have been banished from business functions.
If you consider that you are undervalued in the company and have been cornered or degraded in your functions, you may need the advice of a professional in labor law. The lawyer can see your contract and your agreement and maybe there is some legal protection in which you can go back to your previous situation or improve the current one.
I’m not paid backpay payrolls.
If your company has problems when paying payroll on a recurring basis, you will be incurring a serious fault. You must claim what is owed or request the termination of the work contract due to non-payment or delays. Labor lawyer expert in Labor Harassment.
Voluntary withdrawal.
If you are thinking about leaving the company, you should know that there are some previous considerations that you should take into account. Under no circumstances, stop working at the workplace (even if you have not paid the monthly payment), as the consequences could be catastrophic. If you decide to leave the company, it is always advisable to receive legal advice to confirm that you are not taking a false step.