The principles of “good design” by Dieter Rams

The principles established by Dieter Rams have had a great influence on the best designers of today. His designs constituted Braun’s identity.

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The principles of “good design” by Dieter Rams

Dieter Rams, German industrial designer, worked most of his working life for the consumer electronics company Braun ( Braun Design ), from 1955 to 1998, becoming one of its most prestigious designers in the world and a clear reference in the identity of the brand.

Rams was a key figure in the rebirth of the German Functionalist design (the Gute Form ) that was decisive in the 50s and 60s, being its top principle and motto the famous one is “Weniger, aber besser” or “less, but with better execution ”

Many of his designs as coffee makers, calculators, juicers, radios, audiovisual products, consumer appliances, and office products have found a place in many museums around the world.

The principles established by Dieter Rams have had a great influence on numerous designers, among which Jony Ive stands out today.

In the documentary Objectified (2009) he indicates his 10 principles of good design, although he declares that he does not see them respected often.

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The 10 principles of good design

Good design is innovative : it is difficult to exhaust the possibilities when innovating in design due to the constant opportunities offered by the accelerated technological development.

Good design makes a product useful : the primary objective of a product is its usefulness. The design must be practical, the satisfaction of the psychological and aesthetic criteria being secondary.

Good design is aesthetic : the good execution of the design should not lack beauty.

Good design makes a product understandable : a good design simplifies the structure of the product and predisposes it to clearly express its function through the simple intuition of the user.

Good design is honest : honest design never tries to lie about the true value and innovation of the product. A good design does not try to manipulate the consumer by promises of a false utility beyond the physical reality of the product.

The good design is discreet : Every product and its design must be neutral and sober.

Good design has a long life : fashions are transient and subjective. Good design and perfect execution create useful and timeless products.

Good design is consistent in its details : good design never leaves anything to chance. It must be taken care of and designed under the exhaustive precision of each detail, expressing the designer’s respect for its consumers. Each mistake is a lack of respect.

Good design respects the environment : a good design must contribute to the preservation of the environment by conserving resources and minimizing physical and visual contamination during the life cycle of the product.

Good white label web design is design in its minimal expression : Dieter Rams distinguishes between the usual paradigm in design: “Less is more” and instead recommends his own model: “Less, but with better execution”.

He emphasizes that this approach fosters the fundamental aspects of each product and therefore avoids unfairly weighing them with everything that is not essential. The ideal result is a product of greater purity and simplicity.

Labor Lawyer, reasons why you may need it

For most Spanish or foreign workers who have an employment relationship, they may need the services of a labor lawyer , to a greater or lesser extent. Now, how can an expert lawyer in labor law serve you?

First, we firmly believe that both companies and workers must know their rights to enforce them. It should be remembered that a great majority of the rights of all workers are included in the Workers’ Statute and in the collective agreement where the company must obligatorily apply.

Is my company foreign but I work in Spain? According to this and this article any worker who resides in Spain and is in the Spanish state employed for a foreign company will be covered by the labor law of Spain. Therefore, it would also be good if you had good advice.


Some reasons why you may need a labor lawyer :

  • Dismissal
    The main reason why it is important to be well advised is in case of dismissal.
    If you are fired, you will have to pay the compensation and the settlement, however if you leave voluntarily from the company, you will only have to pay the settlement.
    The difference in amounts and negotiation possibilities is very high between being well represented or not.
    In this video of Fontelles Advocats we explain when the settlement has to be paid:
    Wrong wage category
    If you think that your salary category is not correct, a solution would be to look at reaching a consensus with the company. Many times employers take advantage and do not pay according to your salary category. If you saw that this is your case, you could sue the company. It is usually the last resort and you should always look for a consensus to reach a mid-point, but you should always fight for what is of one objectively and bilaterally with the company.
    Workplace harassment or mobbing
    Undoubtedly, this is a very recurrent theme in the work environment but very few workers are aware of the seriousness of the matter. If you see that you are suffering from bullying or mobbing, do not hesitate to put yourself in the hands of professionals. From Fontelles Advocats we have carried numerous success stories in mobbing.
    Know the symptoms of workplace harassment in a worker in this video:

I have been banished from business functions.
If you consider that you are undervalued in the company and have been cornered or degraded in your functions, you may need the advice of a professional in labor law. The lawyer can see your contract and your agreement and maybe there is some legal protection in which you can go back to your previous situation or improve the current one.
I’m not paid backpay payrolls.
If your company has problems when paying payroll on a recurring basis, you will be incurring a serious fault. You must claim what is owed or request the termination of the work contract due to non-payment or delays. Labor lawyer expert in Labor Harassment.
Voluntary withdrawal.
If you are thinking about leaving the company, you should know that there are some previous considerations that you should take into account. Under no circumstances, stop working at the workplace (even if you have not paid the monthly payment), as the consequences could be catastrophic. If you decide to leave the company, it is always advisable to receive legal advice to confirm that you are not taking a false step.


Announce utility that may join Catholics around the globe

“Catholic Connect” is the title of a brand new utility that since January 2018 will permit Catholics around the globe to attach with different devoted, connect with a group, strengthen their religion and share numerous experiences.

The applying is developed a 12 months in the past by Ricardo Orozco, a younger Catholic of Mexican origin residing in Texas, United States, together with a crew of 15 different folks.

Orozco defined to ACI Prensa that “Catholic Connect” is “a mixture of Fb, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter in a single and for Catholics”.

The objective is that “the Catholic group in a given place can join extra simply” and that ” Catholics assist one another “, particularly in locations like the US the place they’re a minority.

With a purpose to join folks, the appliance makes use of geolocation expertise. “For instance when you reside in Paraguay you may connect with our utility and discover companies, eating places and Catholic attorneys,” mentioned the 23-year-old.

In the US, he mentioned, it occurs with some frequency that “Catholics transfer to different cities, lose all their Catholic buddies and have no idea anybody. Many younger folks additionally go to different states to review within the college and disconnect from the religion as a result of they’re now not with their dad and mom. ”

“What we wish to do is stop that as a result of in our platform you could find buddies,” he informed ACI Prensa.

Membership in “Catholic Join” is free and customers can register in the identical utility or from their Fb account.

On the platform you can find a piece to satisfy different Catholics in your metropolis, one other to contact professionals and Catholic companies, one other to find out about upcoming occasions and one other to discover a associate.

It would additionally provide the potential for having non secular counseling with any of the clergymen who’ve registered within the utility.

Orozco commented that they’ve additionally allied with the MassTimes utility and that customers will be capable of search for close by parishes the place there’s Mass and confessions.

Members also can counsel to Catholic Join the contacts of parishes and clergymen. Source.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom – E-book Evaluate

Jehovah’s Witnesses Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom is a 750 web page guide that’s printed by Jehovah’s Witnesses which supplies an in depth historical past of the historical past, group and organizational construction, numerous faculties, assemblies and packages, literature, in addition to a bit on persecution, and issues throughout the group itself. The reference work may be very detailed and full and features a 6 web page chronological historical past from 1870 to 1992. It accommodates chapters and has a 33 chapters, in addition to a 24 web page Index.

Whereas it was written by Jehovah’s Witnesses, it doesn’t skip over or whitewash issues all through the trendy historical past of Jehovah’s Witnesses of about one-hundred and forty years, however provides an trustworthy account of even the weak factors, and failures of the group along with offering a optimistic account of the historical past, roots, and integrity of hundreds who’ve been persecuted for his or her religion. Whereas the current day statistics is likely to be outdated, having been written seventeen years in the past, the reference takes you far sufficient alongside within the modern-day historical past, to go away the reader just about at this time stage of growth amongst Jehovah’s Witnesses. Additionally featured are a whole bunch of images and illustrations, together with a one web page image part of the Governing Physique that was alive at the moment. Solely two members of the Governing Physique in 1992 are nonetheless alive as we speak. The current Governing Physique of Jehovah’s Witnesses, consisting of 9 members, is for the massive half new, except for the 2 surviving members who at present nonetheless serve on the Governing Physique.

For anybody who’s doing analysis on Jehovah’s Witnesses, has questions associated to the historical past or group, it’s an trustworthy and full reference work. It’s a good addition to any public, faculty or college library and it can provide the reader or researched some extent of reference whereby she or he can confirm statements that she or he might have heard or learn regarding Jehovah’s Witnesses, or get background info surrounding these factors.

It’s modestly and factually written, and never self-aggrandizing. It additionally accommodates Biblical background for the historical past of Christianity, the persecution they skilled, and a quick summation of the Bible story and theme.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are identified for his or her zealous preaching, which they’ve continued, in imitation of the primary century Christians for the historical past of their group, however particularly within the post-WWI period till as we speak, and an account of the explanations for that work, in addition to how and what it has achieved can be chronicled on this guide. Jehovah’s Witnesses contemplate themselves to be, and are usually thought-about to be, totally, a Christian faith, which revolves across the teachings of Jesus and his ministry. It’s believed that the theme of Jesus preaching was God’s Kingdom, in keeping with the Christian Greek Scriptures, and so the title of this guide, “Jehovah’s Witnesses, Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom.”

“This excellent news of the dominion will probably be preached in all of the inhabited earth for a witness to all of the nations, after which the top will come.” Matthew 24:14, Jesus Christ.
Jehovah’s Witnesses care about youngsters. They work very onerous to provide literature of their magazines and books to assist mother and father to boost and shield their youngsters successfully and efficiently. From 1974 till as we speak, the Watchtower journal alone has over 10,000 references to youngsters. The trendy day publications of Jehovah’s Witnesses have a mixed 41, 662 references to youngsters. Books resembling My E-book of Bible Tales, have helped hundreds of thousands of kids of Jehovah’s Witnesses, to achieve a basis in a love for God, along with hundreds of thousands of kids who are usually not Jehovah’s Witnesses. The publication, The Biggest Instructor, printed in 2003, teaches youngsters worthwhile classes of honesty, love of neighbor, love of God, kindness, to keep away from prejudice, and to not develop emotions of self significance, in addition to giving youngsters a hope for the longer term.

Jehovah’s Witnesses additionally produce books for Youth, resembling Questions Younger Individuals Ask, Solutions That Work, now obtainable in two volumes. This guide helps teenagers to achieve sensible steering in important areas of life, together with relationships, romance and intercourse, medication and alcohol, dealing with funds, tips on how to get together with and get to know one’s mother and father, and tips on how to take care of the media, and tips on how to develop a relationship with God.

Moreover, the Watchtower and Awake magazines, printed by Jehovah’s Witnesses have had scores of articles via the 12 months that take care of the topic of kid abuse. Since 1970 there are near a thousand references to that delicate topic in Witness publications, and the general public assertion of Jehovah’s Witnesses on baby abuse is a matter of file. Many Jehovah’s Witnesses are academics in private and non-private faculties, as is the author of this text, and are very involved with the security of kids and their welfare. Jehovah’s Witnesses recognize and help the work of educators and organizations who’re involved with youngsters and baby abuse, and continuously quote from authorities on this and related topics of their literature.

The October 2007 Awake journal said, “The first accountability for safeguarding youngsters towards abuse belongs to oldsters, to not youngsters. So educating mother and father comes earlier than educating youngsters.” Each youngsters, and particularly mother and father, have to be educated about baby abuse. The guide The Biggest Instructor, helps youngsters themselves to have understanding on this topic, to have the ability to counter any potential abuse from predators or others.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses media website states on baby rearing, “Inside the household, mother and father maintain major accountability for offering wanted love and coaching to their youngsters. (Titus 2:four; Ephesians 6:four) They need to train their youngsters Scriptural values and supply loving self-discipline. The Bible doesn’t condone harsh bodily punishment. (Deuteronomy 6:6, 7; Ephesians 6:four; Titus 2:four) Dad and mom additionally present for his or her bodily wants resembling meals, clothes, shelter, schooling, and medical care. Kids be taught from the Bible that they have to obey and honor their mother and father, whatever the mother and father’ non secular beliefs. Kids are additionally inspired to indicate respect to their grandparents and to different older individuals within the household in addition to locally.-Leviticus 19:32.